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Since 2013

Celebrating Beards & Giving Back

Our Story

Our story began in the same way all good ideas are born…around a fire! On this particular night, it was a group of 5-6 close friends carrying on with each other, arguing about who could grow the most epic beard. In typical fashion, this childish debacle was unable to be resolved. It was then that the friends decided to take it to the next level.

They agreed to meet up in 6 months for a good old fashioned competition. Soon they would find out, once and for all, which of them could truly grow the best beard!  However, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Over the 6 months, tales of the upcoming competition garnered so much attention that adjustments had to be made to accommodate 150-200 people, with the intention that all proceeds go to charity. The competition was a mild success. They were able to raise $1500 for Children’s Hospital. 

From that one silly argument around a fire, Mad Viking Beard Club was born. We’ve become so much more than that original group of 5-6 men. But just like they did, we continue to come together in love…our love of friendship, community and raising money for charity.


Our Mission

Mad Viking Beard Club Pennsylvania- A group of like-minded individuals, who have come together through the celebration of being bearded and enjoying beards. As a family, and with our families, we answer the call to support each other and give back to our communities.

Taking The World By Storm

Pennsylvania may be where everything began, but Mad Viking Beard Club has expanded across the globe. We now have official chapters around the world. Each chapter places emphasis on the unique needs of the community around them.


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Have More Questions?

Maybe you’ve seen our crazy group out selling raffle tickets. Or heard the thunderous roar of our motto, “Live by the axe! Die by the axe!” coming from the back room of meeting locations. Perhaps you’re still wondering who these loud Viking people are or how to become one.

are beards required

Absolutely not! Even though the word “Beard” is in our name, it is not a requirement. 

is this a male only organization

Absolutely not! All genders and sexualities are welcome. A large majority of our members are female, joining alongside their partners. Others are supporters of the bearding community and passionate about the good we do. We even have a handful of female board members. 

Are children welcome

We are a family oriented organization. We try our best to include our individual families in all that we do. Almost all activities are planned to include all ages. You will often see our teenagers helping sell raffle tickets, or younger children playing amongst themselves at monthly meetings.

are you a motorcycle club

We get asked this question frequently. No, we are not! Sure, we have members that enjoy riding. However, that is an individual hobby and in no way a basis for our club.

how do i join

The first step is attending a meeting, getting to know our group and seeing firsthand what we’re all about. Contact us for more details!